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electronic MUSICIAN

Plug-In Clover SC

Using plug-in software will replace a lot of hardware, like boxes for effects, pedals, and mixing and mastering processors. Learn more about plug-ins and find out what they do and which ones work best.

IK Multimedia AmpliTube iRig Clover SC

IK Multimedia has announced that the iRig guitar and bass interface adapter for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is now shipping worldwide. The new iRig interface allows guitar and bass players to plug their instruments directly into the headphone/microphone input jack on their mobile Apple device and access the new world of mobile guitar and bass tone – AmpliTube for iPhone. Read on for more.

Izotope Alloy EQ Clover SC

Alloy has eight processorsthat connect in series:EQ, Exciter, multiband Transient Shaper,two Dynamics processing stages (whichcan work in parallel), De-Esser, PhaseTools, and Limiter. What's more, you canput these in any order.

POD Farm 2 Plug-In Clover SC

MIDI support offers complete control over POD Farm 2 and POD Farm 2 Platinum via any MIDI controller, including Line 6 FBV MkII-series foot controllers.

PSP Audioware Xenon Plug-in Clover SC

Xenon is a full-band (not multiband), dual-stage limiter plug-in with 64-bit internal processing that operates at sample rates up to 192kHz. Xenon does the hard work behind the scenes, so you don't really have to work too hard to get a good sound. Read more.

Waves Vocal Rider Clover SC

Waves recommends putting Vocal Rider last in a chain of plug-ins; if youwant to add a compressed quality to the voice, you can do so prior to Vocal Rider, and it will still know how to react.However, I also had good luck puttingan L2 Maximizer after Vocal Rider (withconservative gain reduction settings) to add a bit more "punch."
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