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Monitors & Speakers Albertville AL

Monitors and speakers are something most musicians will need for audio production and much more. Read on to get information on different monitors and speakers on the market and see which ones best suit you.

AX Series with X-ART Albertville AL

As with other AX-Series speakers, the A3X also features Stereolink, a pair of additional RCA connectors allowing the user to connect both speakers with a single cable so that the volume for both speakers can be controlled from the Gain control of either speaker.

EAW SB2001 Subwoofer Albertville AL

The unique driver mounting of the SB2001 maximizes cone area and allows for the integration of an extremely low turbulence port while minimizing frontal area, providing the acoustical performance and physical configuration well suited for creating large subwoofer arrays.

Genelec Three-Way DSP System Albertville AL

The 8260A breaks new ground in electro-acoustic design, as mechanical, acoustical and signal-processing designs are linked closely together. The 8260A features major advances in audio driver technology, integrated with a sophisticated enclosure design and Genelec's proprietary Minimum Diffraction Coaxial (MDC) Mid/High driver technology takes a big step in perfecting audio quality in professional active studio monitors. Read on.

Listen Up: Near-Field Monitor Roundup: EQ Tests Four Thoroughly Modern Monitors Albertville AL

In any event manufacturers have certainly not forgotten about near-field monitors, because their numbers keep increasing. And increasing... which is what led to this article.

Managing Gain Stages Albertville AL

Anyone with a cable TV box has juggled two volume controls. Set the cable too low, crank the TV, and you’ll hear too much background noise. With the cable too high, you can get distortion or a honky sound even with the TV volume low. Even a basic recording setup makes you manage multiple volumes, too. Here’s a Golden Mean approach for setting them.
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