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Mastering Sparks NV

If you're a musician and you're interested in taking on the mastering process yourself, read on. The articles in this section offer DIY tips and information on products you may find useful.

4 Common Pre-Mastering Mistakes Sparks NV

Mastering is supposed to enhanceand even energize your mixes, so the process needs to be all about you and your music. In other words—get selfish. The perfect mastering engineer for you is someone who truly understands what your music is about, and who is willing to listen intently and seriously to your aural wishes.

Alesis MasterControl Sparks NV

There are twoXLR mic/line combo jack ins (with +48Vphantom power that affects both inssimultaneously) and six 1/4" line ins.These also have TRS input jacks.

Guitar Recording: Max Your Axe with These Timely Tips and Rockin' Reviews Sparks NV

In addition to reviews of five hotnew products, we've also solicited the brainiacs at my Sound, Studio,and Stage forum to reveal their secrets on guitar recording—andthey came through with some pretty amazing info (once you try MikeShelton’s Mid/Side recording technique,you may never record guitars the same way again).

Ten Recording Tips for DIY Bands Sparks NV

Patching and re-patching is a pain, so get an interface (or mixer) with enough inputs that you can leave everything patched in and ready to go. Just remember to mute any inputs that aren't in use.

Tracking: 24 Ways to Bust HUM Sparks NV

Here are the most important points to remember about hum prevention. Read on and get more information.

zplane Elastique Pitch Mixer Sparks NV

Pitch shifting digital audio is hard to do, but can accomplish tasks such as transposing an instrumental track so it fits a vocalist's range to creating crazy special effects by transposing a signal beyond any rational amount. zplane has specialized in high-quality pitch-shifting algorithms, and licensed those algorithms to various manufacturers. Read more.
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