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Instruments for a Home Studio Kalispell MT

Here are some pieces of music instrument for home studio. If you are a music fan, this is right for you. Read on and get more information.

Two Guys & A Wire
(406) 755-7800
PO Box 10997
Kalispell, MT
Eyehear Audio Video
(406) 752-3536
104 Westview Park Place
Kalispell, MT
Electrical Systems Inc
(406) 755-2408
29 Conestoga Court
Kalispell, MT
Rudy's Autosound
(406) 756-6960
1542 Hwy 35
Kalispell, MT
Big Sky Hifi Inc
(406) 862-1150
725 Somers Ave.
Whitefish, MT
Best Buy
(406) 752-1300
2407 HIGHWAY 93 N
Kalispell, MT
Sound Decision
(406) 755-7800
101 East Center Street, Suite B
Kalispell, MT
Eyehear Audio/Video Designs., Inc.
(406) 752-3536
104 Westview Park Place
Kalispell, MT
Audio / Video, Home Automation / Systems Integration / Home Networking, Home Theater, Lighting Control, Multi-Room Audio
B&W, Rotel, Sony C.I.S., Denon, Proceed, Velodyne, Lutron, Lucifer lighting, AMX, Elan, Sonance, Arcam, Faroudja, Synergistic Research, Canare, Signature Wire, Arcam, Premier seating, Berkline seating, Image crafters lighting,
One or more employees at this company have achieved CEDIA Professional Certification status:- Beau Johnston, CEDIA Certified Professional EST II

Vann's Kalispell
(406) 257-9530
2185 Hwy 2 East
Kalispell, MT
Big Sky Hi-Fi, Inc
(406) 862-1150
PO Box 1611
Whitefish, MT
Audio / Video, Home Theater, Multi-Room Audio, Multi-Room Video, Wire and Cable / Power Management
Acoustic Zen, Analysis Plus, Cambridge Audio, ModWright, Mordaunt-Short, Panasonic, Rega, Solid Tech, Totem Acoustic
One or more employees at this company have achieved CEDIA Professional Certification status:- John Shigo, CEDIA Certified Professional EST II

Instruments for a Home Studio

TC-Helicon VoiceLive 2

What Floor-based harmony and effects processor.
Why Contains the effects necessary to produce vocalsounds from the past, present, and well into the future withmore power and voices than ever before.
How Vocal harmonies with up to eight voices that can be controlledvia MIDI, guitar, or MP3. Like a great audio engineer, VoiceLive 2 listensto the singer and adjusts EQ, compression, de-essing, and gating to makevocals sound smooth and produced.
Price $945 retail

Propellerhead Record

What Recording software that puts the musician in focus.
Why Has the feel of a big-league recording studio with thestreamlined simplicity of a tape deck.
How Combines recording and a software mixer consolewith a limitless rack of audio processing gear. For guitarplayers, the built-in virtual POD from Line 6 brings a widerange of guitar amps and cabinets. The software mixer'ssound is faithfully modeled after the renowned SSL 9000K.Efficient coding minimizes concerns about track counts,latency issues, or adding that extra reverb or effect.
Price $299 retail (available September 9th)

Motion SamplesBoombonixDrum Samples

What Dirty South 808drum samples.
Why Samples createdwith analog drummachines mixed withdigital drum synths to give your hip-hop tracksthe slap they deserve.
How Included are sounds of sub bass kicks,snappy snares, stacked claps/snaps, crispy clearhats, tom sets, digital percussions, synth effects,and more.
Price $35


What Instrumentdirect box.
Why A high qualitypassive direct box.
How Jensen transformer,dual 1⁄4" thruputs, all metalSwitchcraft 1/4" I/O jacks, 20dBpad, pin 1 ground lift, recessed I/Opanel, laser-etched product labeling,and a rugged extruded aluminum enclosure.
Price $270 retail, $199 street

Solid State Logic X-Verb Plug-in


What High-end hardware reverb performance in SSL plug-in form.
Why Delivers the density, warmth, depth, and detail usually onlyassociated with high-class hardware reverb units.
How True Reverberation Generator based on unique SSLalgorithms. The algorithm-based approach generates stunningsonic results, with lowest possible latencies, and allows dynamicaccess to all of the fine detail parameters of the Early Reflectionand Reverb structure.
Price $349

QuikQuak UpStereo 2.00

What Stereo enhancer and expander.
Why Makes your mixes bigger in stereo width and loudness,while being light on your CPU and easy to use.
How Contains a stereo width slider going from mono towide, bringing the stereo image out and toward the listener.Subtle Air & Bass boosters help the audiobreathe. Movable 3D interface, with changeable colorsand light positions.
Price Free download
Web UpStereo.html

Akai APC40

What Control su...

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