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Guitar North Pole AK

There are some key things to know when you decide to record a guitar track. The articles in this section will help you with recording and much more, so read on for more information.

4 Quick Ways to Craft Unique Tones North Pole AK

Here are fourswift and relatively painless schemesfor leaving the familiar behind. Read on and get more information.

8 Ways to Pristine Clean Tones North Pole AK

The path to a time-honored clean sound is to simply plug your guitar into a direct box and into your audioi nterface or mixer. Your sound should be round and full and innocent of any overdrive.

A Re-amping Primer North Pole AK

The big idea here is to record the guitar naked. (Uh, the naked guitar sound that is, not you.) Take the output of your guitar, and run it through a direct box (or a half-normaled jack in a patch bay) in order to split the signal.

Bartlett's Spark Microphone North Pole AK

Bartlett Microphones is offering two new condenser mics for acoustic guitar and other instruments. Intended for singer/songwriters, folk and old-time groups, these tiny clip-on mics are claimed to provide a natural sound for recording or PA.

Notable Guitars North Pole AK

The following is the brief introduction of guitars. Read on and get more information about the musical intruments,

Nylon String: Guitar Perfection North Pole AK

Doing this kind of editing requires aspectral view of the waveform (Figure1) so you can easily recognize thedifference between the artifacts andthe notes themselves, and performthe digital audio equivalent of a "window splice" in the frequencyspectrum. I use Adobe Audition 3 forthis, although Steinberg Wavelab alsogives an editable spectral view.

Stomp Boxes North Pole AK

Cheapo realtime control over audio mutations is another real plus. Trying to manipulate virtual knobs in real time can be akin to trying to pick your nose using one of those giant foam #1 fingers—an exercise in true frustration.

Taming the Wild Leslie Cabinet North Pole AK

Most engineers record the Lesliefrom the rear—with the backremoved—for a direct and welldefinedtone. For a mono recording,you can get great results with theLeslie cranked to the gills, and bypositioning a single Shure SM58 upto a foot from the treble horn.
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